Package: apt-cacher-ng
Version: 3.3.1-2
severity: important

The same service accessed from an lxc container via interface does not have this problem.

With this problem, sbuild have to repeated multiple times before the packages are finally installed (same for normal apt install too).

Err:11 sid/main amd64 bind9-libs amd64 1:9.16.1-2
 Bad header line Bad header data [IP: 3142]
Get:12 sid/main amd64 bind9-host amd64 1:9.16.1-2 [283 kB] Err:13 sid/main amd64 libbind9-161 amd64 1:9.11.17+dfsg-4
 567 Unknown download error occured [IP: 3142]

This gets fixed when repeating it multiple times. Sometimes the error is checksum mismatch.

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