* Pirate Praveen [Wed, Mar 25 2020, 11:27:10AM]:
> Package: apt-cacher-ng
> Version: 3.3.1-2
> severity: important
> The same service accessed from an lxc container via interface
> does not have this problem.

"compared to" is hard to tell if you mix multiple factors. Please also
access via public interface and check the difference.

> With this problem, sbuild have to repeated multiple times before the
> packages are finally installed (same for normal apt install too).
> Err:11 http://deb.debian.org/debian sid/main amd64 bind9-libs amd64
> 1:9.16.1-2
>  Bad header line Bad header data [IP: 3142]

Please set debug=7 in the configuration and
restart. And please create a TCP dump, like:
tcpdump -w /var/tmp/dump.pcap -i any port 3142
xz -T0 /var/tmp/dump.pcap
and /var/tmp/dump.pcap.xz you send me.
And also latest logs from /var/log/apt-cacher-ng.

(adjust the port and logdir as configured on your side)

Best regards,
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