The previous solution was not working anymore, and in the meantime upstream 
updated to v3.1.6:

I have updated it, and changed again the approach.
There is no build error anymore, but I can't guarantee that the UMD build will 
work in the browser because I have no time to test it (for example in laminar 

meskio, can you test laminar with the new build ? Thanks


Il 24/03/20 17:38, meskio ha scritto:
> Hello Paolo,
> Quoting Paolo Greppi (2019-10-31 18:39:16)
>> Hi Dmitry, I have fixed the dangling symlink in libjs-vue-route.
>> It now builds locally and on Salsa CI (I enabled it for master branch as 
>> well):
>> I then rebuilt laminar from the current version at 
>> against this unreleased 
>> libjs-vue-route 3.0.7+ds-3 version.
>> After issuing:
>>   systemctl start laminar.service
>> and checking that:
>>   systemctl status laminar.service
>> returns success,
>> the laminar service dashboard can be reached from localhost:8080 and causes 
>> no JavaScript error.
> Is there anything still blocking this fix from being uploaded to unstable? 
> Can I 
> do something to help here?
> Thank you for fixing the problem.

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