Package: libarmadillo-dev
Version: 1:9.800.4+dfsg-1
Severity: normal

Dear maintainer,

I'd like to forward

Lukas Riedel wrote:
> For using software libraries in downstream projects, CMake configuration 
> files and pkg-config configuration files are very helpful. They not only 
> include the locations of the library binaries and header files, but also 
> compiler and linker flags that are required when using the library.
> When building and installing Armadillo from source, the CMake build system 
> provides the CMake configuration and version files at the locations
> ${prefix}/share/Armadillo/CMake/ArmadilloConfig.cmake
> ${prefix}/share/Armadillo/CMake/ArmadilloConfigVersion.cmake
> and the pkg-config configuration file at
> ${prefix}/lib/pkgconfig/armadillo.pc
> However, these files are missing from the APT distribution and are not 
> installed when executing
> apt install libarmadillo-dev
> This requires downstream modules to implement their own 
> `FindArmadillo.cmake`, which is error-prone and does not propagate 
> information like compiler flags and software version numbers.
> This issue is present on
> Ubuntu Eoan (19.10) with package libarmadillo-dev (1:9.600.5+dfsg-1)
> and
> Ubuntu Bionic (18.04LTS) with package libarmadillo-dev (1:8.400.0+dfsg-2)
> Please include the CMake and pkg-config configuration files into the 
> distribution of the `libarmadillo-dev` package.

I examined the latest armadillo build log and concluded that the latest version
in unstable is also affected.

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