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Hi Roberto,

Quoting Roberto Guido (2020-03-25 12:43:21)
> please raise the version of libnice10 from which janus depends.
> I had libnice10 0.1.14 previosly installed and janus 0.9.1 failed to 
> start DTLS connections; manually upgrading to libnice10 0.1.16 solved 
> the issue.

I notice that you seemingly run a mixted stable/testing/unstable Debian.

Please beware that such systems are not supported and you are 
recommended to always mention explicitly that you are doing so when 
filing bugreports, to help avoid wasting time looking at the wrong 
places for causes of some types of issues.

More info on that here:

Debian stable does not include libnice10 0.1.16.

Debian testing include libnice10 0.1.16 and not libnice10 0.1.14.

All that said, thanks for bringing up this specific issue: I consider 
releasing janus to where this would become 

Until then, I can simply confirm that yes, janus in Debian stable 
(including libraries it links to) are inferior in functionality to janus 
in testing/unstable.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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