Package: open-vm-tools
Version: 2:11.0.5-4

We have added a plugin in open-vm-tools. It did not make part of the 11.0.5 
release, but has been tested by us. It's part of the Wndows version, and will 
be part of our next release.

For open-vm-tools, all changes are in this branch (forked directly from the 
11.0.5 release): .

Here is a description for the plugin:
 , or see

Following are implemented in this changeset:

* New plugin named appInfo is added to VMware Tools. It will be installed
by default in Linux guests.

* This is a 'vmsvc' only plugin. It will be loaded only by vmsvc process.
The plugin will have the system-level privileges since it's loaded by vmsvc

* When loaded, every 30 minutes (can be configured by a switch in tools.conf 
the plugin gets the list of processes running inside the guest and publishes 
into a guest variable (guestinfo.appinfo). The content will be printed in JSON
format for easy parsing.

* The plugin is enabled by default. If the guest administrator sets the 
'disabled=true' in 'appinfo' section in tools.conf file, then the plugin is 
and doesn't publish any information.

 # In tools.conf file


 # via toolbox utility.
 vmware-toolbox-cmd config set appinfo disabled true

* The poll-interval can be adjusted by the guest administrator by tweaking the
poll-interval key under appinfo section in tools.conf file or by calling
vmware-toolbox-cmd utility.

  # In tools.conf file

  poll-interval = 3600

  # The value should be specified in seconds.
  vmware-toolbox-cmd config set appinfo poll-interval 3600

* From inside the guest, the following commands can be executed to retrieve
  the JSON information published to the guest variable.

  vmtoolsd --cmd “info-get guestinfo.appInfo”
  vmware-rpctool “info-get guestinfo.appInfo”


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