Package: aptitude

Version: 0.8.12

Source: aptitude

I downloaded the newest source code
The bug lies in src/generic/util/

201:  int result = sqlite3_exec(handle, sql.c_str(),
202:                    callback, data, &msg);

According to libsqlite3 API document of 'sqlite3_exec': "To avoid
memory leaks, the application should invoke sqlite3_free() on error
message strings returned through the 5th parameter of sqlite3_exec()
after the error message string is no longer needed."

So this is potential memory leak, and the patch should be:

208:   if(result != SQLITE_OK || msg != NULL)
209:            throw exception(errmsg, result);
210:+   if(msg)
211:+           sqlite3_free(msg)

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