> I might be able to help, yes. You would need to:


> 1/ provide me with a script that customizes a chroot to install the
> version you need (from experimental or from an unofficial repository).
> You can inspire from 
> https://salsa.debian.org/lucas/collab-qa-tools/-/blob/master/modes/gcc10

so i'm not sure if your setup already contains `experimental` if it
does, `sphinx243` attached should do what you ask

if experimental needs to be added to the APT sources, i'd need to know
what mirror to point it to (and then i'll follow what gcc10 does to
add it to the sources list)

> 2/ provide me with the list of packages to build

sphinx243.pkglist is my attempt at it, i got it from `dak` and then
parsing its output

let me know if they are good or need tweaking, and definitely Dmitry
should have a look at them.

Lucas, will you do the bug reporting or will you send back a list of
build logs for us to parse?


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