On 22/05/2020 03.10, Axel Beckert wrote:
> I though see one problem with this: IIRC, the piuparts guys sometimes
> use debsums as backport on stable.
> Cc'ing them if this is still the case and if they see any issues if a
> debsums upload in the not-so-far future would depend on a very recent
> dpkg version. (IIRC last time they needed a debsums backport, this was
> because we fixed bugs they wanted to be fixed in their setups as soon
> as they were found and fixed.)

That was for the introduction of the --ignore-obsolete option which
allowed us to get rid of many false positives (and finally make debsums
errors fail the piuparts test). We don't need any newer debsums than that.


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