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I recently had a discussion in a Lintian merge request[1] where I
submitted code solidifying existing behavior in the Ubuntu Desktop and
Lubuntu teams. As I stated there, it is common practice in those teams
(and I am sure it exists in others as well) to specify a
`XS-Debian-Vcs-Browser` and/or `XS-Debian-Vcs-Git` field to point to Salsa.

The rationale for this is to allow packaging changes to flow back
upstream to Debian when Ubuntu's packaging repository is in a different
location (when Ubuntu has a permanent downstream delta but continues to
rebase that delta on top of Debian's changes).

I would like to solidify this existing practice by modifying Debian
Policy, amending 5.6.26 to allow usage of <PARENT>-Vcs-Browser and
<PARENT>-Vcs-<type>. This would make it easier for derivatives to
clearly specify where packaging changes should be submitted upstream. In
dpkg, this can be enforced by recursively running `dpkg-vendor --query
Parent` and ensuring that <PARENT> matches one of those, or in Lintian
by emitting an error if that is not the case.

I would also like to use this as an opportunity to deprecate
`Original-Maintainer` in favor of `Debian-Maintainer` and allow for
`Debian-Uploaders` as well.



Simon Quigley
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