Package: flash-kernel
Version: 3.100
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

Dear Maintainer,

  please add the new entry for supporting Turris MOX [0]. Patch is
attached but also MR is available on Salsa:

This is the entry:

+Machine: CZ.NIC Turris Mox Board
+Kernel-Flavors: arm64
+Boot-Script-Path: /boot/boot.scr
+DTB-Id: marvell/armada-3720-turris-mox.dtb
+U-Boot-Script-Name: bootscr.uboot-generic
+Required-Packages: u-boot-tools

I tested it as local override in /etc/flash-kernel/db on a manually
booted Turris MOX after a Bullseye Alpha 2 install, for which only
minor dts tweaks are needed.



rsa4096: 3B10 0CA1 8674 ACBA B4FE  FCD2 CE5B CF17 9960 DE13
ed25519: FFB4 0CC3 7F2E 091D F7DA  356E CC79 2832 ED38 CB05

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