Control: reopen 950520
Control: block 961215 by 950520


I'm not sure if moving '/usr/lib/systemd/user/blueman-applet.service' to
'/lib/systemd/user/blueman-applet.service' is the correct solution here.

According to the systemd.unit(5) man [1], the user unit search path
contains '/usr/lib/systemd/user/*' but it doesn't contain
'/lib/systemd/user/*'. On /usr merged systems it will work (thanks to
the symlinked /lib), however it will break non /usr merged systems, as
evidenced by #961215 [2].

It is worth noting, that according to the manual, '/lib/systemd/system'
seems to be correct location for 'shipped blueman-mechanism.service' (as
'/lib/systemd/system/*' is in system unit search path, while
'/usr/lib/systemd/system/' is not).



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