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On 6/29/20 3:55 PM, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Jun 2020, Bastian Blank wrote:
>>> Baptiste (CCed) volunteered to write it over again, but for now there is
>>> no clear timeline as for when the new project will be started.
>> Maybe you could add that to vcswatch?

The main differences between vcswatch and duck.d.n are:

- history: duck used to keep 6 runs for each package, reporting only
after 3 failures. vcswatch only keeps the last run.
- d/control: duck processed the Homepage as well as the
Vcs-{Git,SVN,Hg,Darcs} fields. vcswatch has a wider support for all Vcs-*.
- d/upstream/metadata: duck processed any urls found here.
- worker: parallel worker for duck, single instance for vcswatch.

(sorry if I got anything wrong here. Please correct me!)

I'm not convinced that adding those features would result in an
improvement for vcswatch (Cc'ing Christoph to have his input on that).

Creating a new sub-project, like vcswatch, to qa.debian.org would be
more sensible IMHO. The new duck could only take care of the http urls
and leave Vcs stuff to vcswatch.

> or distro-tracker?
> Indeed, creating a dedicated service for this does not seem a good idea.

I would love to have this feature integrated directly with
distro-tracker. However, I'm wondering about the load that would case
for the service.

The duck worker has to process around 460000 urls (only counting
Homepage) in less than 24h. I'm not sure that can done properly using
the distro-tracker tasks (parallel workers are needed to work around
timeout). Obviously that can be optimized (different check delay for
different results) but that's still bulk network related tasks.

Another thing is that duck.d.n was delegating the actual checks to the
`duck` perl library. To work with distro-tracker I would need to drop
that an implement something silimar in python. Not a huge task per se,
but something to keep in mind.

I'm not sure what is best here and I'm looking forward to your
suggestions and remarks.
Baptiste BEAUPLAT - lyknode

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