Chris Lamb:
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> In other words, unless you have no reason to suspect that lots and
> lots of things will break, I would highly and strongly recommend that
> you simply make the changes in CMake/debhelper and upload. :)
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My concern here is that effectively, I as the debhelper maintainer will
be accepting all the risk.  In case of issues, it will drain my
bandwidth (as well or instead of your bandwidth), because the RC bugs
will be coming my way if it breaks.

That sets me up to an "interesting" trade off of options.

 1) I can accept the high risk and deploy the change now so we can reap
    the rewards now.
 2) I can just punt it to compat 14 and say it will come eventually -
    but then the reward is 6-10 years away (for 80% coverage).
 3) Obviously, I can also simply reject the change accepting none of the
    risk forcing you to test it first (or contest it at the tech-

Honestly, I do not think any of the choices sound very exciting.

Can we not think of some better solution to this, where we can get the
reward sooner than 6 years without shoving all the risk onto me and
without shoving ton of work onto you?

I doubt this will be the last time we will need some archive-wide change
rolled out to all source packages to improve reproducibility.

> Thanks for working on this. :)
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Same. :)


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