On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 10:27:10AM +0200, Albert van der Horst wrote:

> > [...] However, since no-one should be using RSH
> > in this day and age anymore, if no one is interested I will request
> > removal of this package.
> I connect to xxx pi with linux/android using rlogin/rsh all the time.
> Isn't it a basic simple functionality?
> Why "should" I not be using rsh?
> What could I use instead, hooking up a vt100 via an usb to RS232 interface
> is not very practical?

You should use SSH, as it is much more secure. It made sense to use RSH
more than twenty years ago, when encryption took a lot of CPU time and
networks were more friendly. But nowadays, even the smallest systems
running Linux will have no problem running SSH, and even networked
microcontrollers like the ESP8266 can run an SSH server. 

However if you feel strongly about this and want to keep using RSH, then
you are welcome to take over maintenance of this package yourself, or
try to find someone else that could take over. I won't file a removal
request if there are more people wanting to keep it, but it would be
better if it didn't just linger in the archive without a proper

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      Guus Sliepen <g...@debian.org>

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