Re: Baptiste BEAUPLAT
> >> Maybe you could add that to vcswatch?
> The main differences between vcswatch and duck.d.n are:
> - history: duck used to keep 6 runs for each package, reporting only
> after 3 failures. vcswatch only keeps the last run.

vcswatch could be improved by not notifying the users for each error.
At the moment the data model is very simple, but adding that would be
possible I'd think.

> - d/control: duck processed the Homepage as well as the
> Vcs-{Git,SVN,Hg,Darcs} fields. vcswatch has a wider support for all Vcs-*.

There's not much that vcswatch supports on top of that. CVS, but I
don't think anyone is still actively using it, the remaining entries
are just bitrot.

> - d/upstream/metadata: duck processed any urls found here.
> - worker: parallel worker for duck, single instance for vcswatch.

vcswatch can start several workers in parallel, the current config
starts up to 5 workers.

> I'm not convinced that adding those features would result in an
> improvement for vcswatch (Cc'ing Christoph to have his input on that).
> Creating a new sub-project, like vcswatch, to would be
> more sensible IMHO. The new duck could only take care of the http urls
> and leave Vcs stuff to vcswatch.

You could reuse the vcsimport machinery. It's not very pretty, but


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