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On Tue 02 Nov 2021 at 11:42:31 +0100, Martin Zimprich wrote:

> Package: cups-client
> Version: 2.3.3op2-3+deb11u1
> Severity: normal
> Dear Maintainer,

That's not me, Martin, but we thank you for your comprehensive report.
> after upgrade from to Debian buster to bullseye (cups-client 2.2.10-6
> to 2.3.3op2) the lopptions does not properly handle printer instances
> defined in ~/.cups/lpoptions


> Symptoms:
> * "lpoptions -p laserjet5si/konzept -l" gives the same output as
> "lpoptions -p laserjet5si/manuell -l" (namely the default printer
> settings made in CUPS) while lpoptions file defines different settings
> for both of these instances (see example file below)

It appears that an instance is inheriting options from the main queue.
This is not supposed to happen. An instance is also not shown in the
output of 'lpstat -a'.

> * any attempt to modify printer instance settings using "lpoptions -p
> laserjet5si/konzept -o InputSlot=Upper" results in deletion of all
> "Dest" lines previously present within lpoptions file and modification
> of the single line that was considered to be affected

Not quite my observation. I cannot set up more than one instance. Adding
a second one witj lpoptions deletes the existing one. You show five
lines in your example. Was ~/.cups/lpoptions edited by hand?

> * third party applications such as Okular (4:20.12.3-2) are not able
> to display or use any printer instance defined * downgrade to
> cups-client 2.2.10 and according dependencies seems to bypass the
> problem and allows the very same third party applications to display
> and use printer instances again

I spent little time on this. Partly because buster's Firefox did not
display instances for me and partly because I am wary of trusting an
app's dialog to do the right thing.
> -- example ~/.cups/lpoptions file in use:
> Default bx310fn
> Dest laserjet5si/blank_duplex Duplex=DuplexNoTumble InputSlot=LargeCapacity
> Dest laserjet5si/konzept InputSlot=Upper 
> Dest laserjet5si/manuell InputSlot=Manual
> Dest P6021cdn InputSlot=MF1

Debian 10 has CUPS 2.2.10. The following link describes very similar
observations to ours when CUPS 2.2.12 is used:




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