I've tried a kerberos-enabled build of freerdp2; it didn't actually work. I 
asked the freerdp people in #freerdp on irc.oftc.net and they said to use 

14:49 -> hi, I'm trying to use kerberos authentication to connect to a Windows 
server using xfreerdp (compiled with gssapi support); I can see it request a 
kerberos ticket successfully, but then authentication fails with 
"[ERROR][com.winpr.sspi.Kerberos] - Init GSS security context failed : can't 
use Kerberos" and "[WARN][com.winpr.sspi] -  InitializeSecurityContextA status 
SEC_E_INTERNAL_ERROR [0x80090304]" (also "NLA begin failed") -- what could be 
14:50 < hardening2[m]> switch to FreeRDP3 (master)
14:51 < hardening2[m]> it's not working with freerdp2

Since FreeRDP3 appears to be in late beta I think it would already be 
appropriate to include it in sid.

Getting the current packaging to work with it doesn't look too difficult, only 
some hardwired 2s need to be changed to 3s, and there is this bit in 

        sed -E -i \
            -e "s$(xSEDx)$${o}=[^=]+=\. $(xSEDx)$(xSEDx)g;" \
            -e "s$(xSEDx) $${o}=[^=]+=\.$(xSEDx)$(xSEDx)g;" \

(There are several buildflags.h files now.)


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