Control: retitle -1 apt-listchanges should put separate version numbers in seen DB for each binary package

It doesn't seem like adding a sanitise mode (or a sanitize mode for those of us on this side of the pond ;-) ) is the right answer here. Rather, I think we need to understand what is failing about apt-listchanges' version-checking logic and fix it so that it does the right thing. The use should not have to clean anything up manually to see changelog entries.

I believe the root cause of this particular bug is that when apt-listchanges processes a group of binary packages all associated with the same source package, it calculates the maximum version number of all the binary packages and puts that version number in the seen DB for all of them.

I think after a little reflection (plus looking at the example in this bug ticket) it becomes clear that's not the right thing to do. Different packages built by the same source package can have different version number sequences, and not only that, they can even have different epochs!

The version number that goes into the seen DB should be the version number corresponding to each binary package, not the "maximum" version number of all of them in the group.

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