newer versions of ruff now use a forked vendored copy of rustpython, and
upstream says they're diverging. I've updated the packaging to
ruff 0.0.291, which is the point after the vendoring.

State of unmet dependencies:

 * lalrpop/lalrpop-util needs updating to 0.20. unstable has 0.19, updating it 
is nontrivial - help appreciated!
 * argfile v0.1.6 (in NEW queue)
 * clearscreen v2.0.1 (in NEW queue)
 * imperative v1.0.5 (in NEW queue)
  * rust-stemmers (in NEW queue)
 * libcst v0.1.0 (in NEW queue)
 * syn-ext v0.4.0 (in NEW queue)
 * serde_with v3.3.0 (in NEW queue)
 * result-like-derive v0.4.6 (in NEW queue)
 * result-like v0.4.6 (in NEW queue)

That's probably an incomplete list; "cargo debstatus" runs out of
stack space analyzing ruff now :-/



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