Package: rust-wasmtime
Version: 10.0.1+dfsg-7

I currently working on an update of rust-backtrace and it's
dependencies, backtrace itself is not semver breaking, but
several of it's dependencies are.

backtrace 0.3.68 -> 0.3.69
addr2line 0.20.0 -> 0.21.0
fallible-iterator 0.2.0 -> 0.3.0
gimli 0.27.3 -> 0.28.1
object 0.31.1 -> 0.32.1

Your package depends on gimli, I have looked at the
upstream changelog and didn't see anything too scary
and I've built your package with the dependency bumped
and run it's autopkgtests successfully.

If you want to do further testing the new version of
the packages are available in experimental.

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