Hi Nicolas,

On Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 03:17:49PM +0200, Daniel Gröber wrote:
> on my bookworm system importing dh-ada-library's packaging.mk is
> causing a make error. AFAICT due to `dh_ada_library --export-versions`
> including some copyright output in DEB_GNAT_VERSION:

This bug is still blocking my work on ghdl, did you have a chance to look
into it?

Looking at the code:

    my $deb_gnat_version = `gnatmake --version` or error $!;
    $deb_gnat_version =~ s/[^\n]* (\d+)\.\d+\.\d+\n.*/$1/s;

I don't really know perl but my understanding is that =~ is only a match
predicate and doesn't do any replacement. Since the regex below uses a
capture group without using the resulting $1 I wonder if what's missing is
`$deb_gnat_version = $1`?

I don't really see how this could have ever worked tho so I'm still
perplexxed how ada/packaging.mk managed to not blow up previously unless
gnatmake output changed?


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