Control: tag -1 confirmed

On Sun, Feb 25, 2024 at 04:50:55PM +1100, Hugh McMaster wrote:
> I've prepared a source debdiff for the proposed freetype 
> 2.12.1+dfsg-5+deb12u3.
> This update includes the original patch and the additional typo fix
> identified by Ben Wagner.
> In terms of testing, grepping for PUT_COLOR_LAYERS_V1 or
> TT_SUPPORT_COLRV1 yields almost the same group of packages.
> chromium, firefox-esr, godot, thunderbird all have GUIs. These launch
> and function as expected on my bookworm test system.
> I also tested some of the openjdk-* demos, where the openjdk version
> is installable on bookworm.

Please go ahead as a source-only upload.


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