Hi all,

TLDR: all QEMU/KVM based virtualization will profit from this.

Andrew, you beat me to it. I also need the watchdog module in the cloud kernel,
which is the only watchdog module AFAIK that KVM/QEMU supports that is not
ISA-based and therefore useable on every KVM/QEMU virtualization platform.

I seems weird to me that the module is enabled on the regular kernel, yet not
on the cloud kernel, which will be at least as useful there, as it is
in the regular
kernel. It is currently a show stopper for our kvm farm to use the cloud kernel.

I just looked today into building the module my myself via the help of DKMS
to be able to use the watchdog on cloud-kernels in Bullseye and Bookworm,
yet the best would be to just compile it upstream

So please add it to the cloud kernel image, starting in oldstable / bullseye.

With kind regards

Andreas Steinel
M.Sc. Visual Computing
M.Sc. Informatik

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