The problem is this line at
echo 'module.exports = "'`perl -MMIME::Base64 -000 -ne 'print
encode_base64($_,"")' lib/llhttp/llhttp-wasm`'";' >

it doesn't do what it is supposed to do
node -r .
> Uncaught CompileError: WebAssembly.compile(): expected 48177 bytes, fell
off end @+1361

However it doesn't throw, when doing the same job with:
fs.writeFileSync('lib/llhttp/llhttp-wasm.js', `module.exports =

I don't know perl... is MMIME::Base64 module broken in some weird and
suspicious way (i'm being paranoid) ?

Anyway I don't see the point in doing the compilation without using
since node-undici requires nodejs to be built fully.
It is somewhat simpler to use the build-profiles / two-staged nodejs build
only on nodejs, instead of requiring some other node module to be built in
two stages too.

For these reasons I'm reverting this back to using build/wasm.js


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