Package: diffoscope
Version: 264
Severity: wishlist

Dear Maintainer,

currenlty diffoscope has a --timeout option

       --timeout SECONDS
              Best-effort attempt at a global timeout in seconds. If enabled, 
diffoscope will not recurse into any further sub-archives
              after X seconds of total execution time.  (default: no timeout) 

however this doesnt give any guarantees how long diffoscope will be running, so
so far we haven't used it for the RB CI tests, mostly because I'm not sure
what would be a good inner timeout (=for diffoscope) and what would be a good
good outer timeout (=for killing diffoscope from the outside no matter what).

Currently we use 2h as outer timeout, but have no inner timeout. Maybe we should
use --timeout 1h?

Anyhow, about my --hard-timeout option idea:

my idea of "--hard-timeout $time" is that diffoscope terminates itself after
$time, no matter what *and* then re-starts itself with "--max-container-depth 3"
(or whatever is useful to get a glimpse on what files in a Debian package
are different) (probably also with another hard timeout set...) as to guarantee
to always produce meaningful output (especially html output if specified with 

What do you think?

Else we could also extend the current code for tests.r-b.o/debian, which 
just kills diffoscope after 2h, to then run diffoscope --max-container-depth 3 
:) lists
251 pkg/suite/arch combinations where diffoscope runs into a timeout...

& many thanks for rocking diffoscope airlines..! \o/


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