Package: debian-installer
Version: 20230607+deb12u5

I'm sorry to be that guy who shows up every few years to waste
everyone's time... but... I was updating my Kirkwood pages for
bookworm and noticed that the OpenRD images are gone.

Now you may remember that we had the same situation for bullseye
(#934072) and Cyril kindly restored the netboot images:

I guess this change never got committed to master/main because
bullseye was going to be the last release for armel.

But armel is still in bookworm and Rick confirmed he's running
bookworm on his OpenRD, so I see no reason why d-i wouldn't work if
we apply the same patch to the bookworm d-i.

Honestly, I'm not sure if it's worth it as Rick is probably the one
Debian on OpenRD left, but since bookworm will probably be the last
release of armel (or not?) it would be nice if the installer was
working on OpenRD.

Cyril or Vagrant, can you easily apply the patch above and generate a
test image for Rick?

Sorry for creating work (again) for such a minor platform...
Martin Michlmayr

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