Christian Biere schreef:
> I don't think Debian will ever update Gtk-Gnutella. It is not
> in Etch at all. The version in Debian is an outdated SVN
> snapshot with known bugs. You're already two releases behind.
> The newest version 0.96.3 and 0.96.4 will be released soon.
> The best option is to compile Gtk-Gnutella yourself which is 
> very simple, straight-forward and has zero disadvantages.
> Gtk-Gnutella's sources can be downloaded here: 
> Instructions to compile Gtk-Gnutella are here: 
Great advice, thanks. It worked at the first try.

BTW do you know *why* gtk-gnutella is no longer being updated,
even while the source is already "Debianised"? Is there some other
"standard" p2p program in Debian?

Regards, Jan

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