Armando Romero wrote:
> I was helping my friend update to Etch, but many of software did not
> work. strace found that /etc/ was missing. dpkg -S cannot
> find this file. kaffeine and xine did not work, plugins did not work.
> gnome-panel is complaining that file is missing.
> What is this file and how is it generated?
> Something shall be changed in the Etch upgrade that file gets correctly
> upgraded if missing.

It's perfectly normal for a perfectly working system to not have that
file, and to have "failed" attempts to access it in a strace:

access("/etc/", F_OK)      = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

Perhaps you need to look at your strace a bit more carefully and
determine what the actual problem is.

(/etc/ disables searches for hardware optimised versions of
system libraries and uses the default ones instead. Or something like
that, it's er, underdocumented.)

see shy jo

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