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please report, back on it, thanks

A problem came up with the SATA drives I can't reproduce.

I am using an IDE disk for my regular partitions.
I've 2 SATA disks attached to the mobo's chipset
SATA.  The IDE and the unused (single) internal
SATA and unused external sata are on another J Micron
controller also built into the mobo, see lspci output

Anyhow when I went to use the 2 SATA drives attached
to the non-J Micron controller fdisk said they could
not be read and file -s reported them to be zero length
files.  I saw no messages on the console or in
/var/log/messages or in dmesg.

After rebooting I no longer have this problem.

One thing I did that might have something to do with
something is that I installed mdadm.  Trying to raid1
the 2 SATA disks is how I discovered I had a problem,
but now the raid array seems to create just fine.

On another note one thing that's a bit odd is that
the non-J Micron SATA is listed as UMDA/133 in
the dmesg output. This is probably because the
0701 BIOS (the latest) only has IDE as an option
when configuring these SATA ports.  (This is even
though the mobo manual says these are SATA 3.0Gb


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