You can forget all about the messing up of the
device special files.  The problem is me mis-using
the mdadm command and forgetting to put a name
after the --create.  So, it uses the first device
name it finds, which is the name of one of the devices
I want to make array out of, and messes up that device
special file by turning it into a md device.

Sorry for the trouble.

However, the box did crash again, this time on the
"reboot" command.  This time it responded to the
reset button.  The console output was different,
it crashed in a different way.  It's is quite a
pain to transcribe the console output so please let
me know if you want these in the future.

It may be that mucking up the device special file
is what's causing the crash on halt/reboot.  I
suspect so.


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