An alternative to the clock question proposed:

"Should this system's hardware keep UTC time from now on?"


"Should this system's hardware keep UTC time starting now?"

I'm not sure if "from now on" is an idiom and not understood
everywhere.  (I like the word henceforward, but am afraid that
it's not simple enough.)

To emphasize the UTC time-ness of the question the sentence
could be restructured as:

"Should, starting now, this system's hardware keep UTC time?"

Best would be:

"Should this systems hardware keep UTC time?"

However, this does not work unless the installer then
allows the time to be set.  If the installer logic
is left unchanged, the "starting now" is needed to let
the user know that if the hw clock has not been set to
UTC it will need to be set to UTC.  (Unless there's
text in the UTC explanatory blurb that I haven't paid
attention to  that says "You must set the system time
after the install if you're not already keeping UTC time.")

Given the current logic I feel some sort of reminder regarding
setting the clock is needed, at least on i386 class hardware,
because the hw clock seems never to come set to utc.

Setting the clock is one of those things that I always forget,
and that requires fussing.  Hence this report.

Thank you for your attention to my lengthy messages.


Free Software:  "You don't pay back, you pay forward."
                 -- Robert A. Heinlein

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