* mihkel <tura...@gmail.com> [2009-05-01 15:15:29 CEST]:
> Gerfried Fuchs kirjutas:
> > For a start, you didn't cite the context of how you put it into
> > there - second I'm not sure about comment syntax in there, the ones I
> > see in my config file have a space after the hash.
> I wrote them by hand. This is what I am used to do.
> I actually have no comments there. I just added them for this email - to show
> what I have tried.

 Alright, just wanted to be sure.

> >  Did you at least try the line I suggested to you? Did it work for you?
> I tried it now. It worked. But before I initially reported a bug I used that
> same config file for months (and the same gtalk account). One day it just did
> not connect to gtalk anymore  - the day I submitted a bug report. Also when I
> edit config file to use a local (jabber.ee) jabber server which does not use
> ssl, it connects.

 It might be that the way to set it in the config got changed, I'm not
sure about that ...  Would require further investigations.

> I also have a file called startup in .irssi directory containing:
> /load xmpp
> /connect jabber
> So that I don't have to "manually" connect when I launch irssi.


> The servers section:
> servers = (
>   {
>     jid = "tura...@gmail.com";
>     }
> );
> Chatnets section:
>  chatnets = {
>       jabber = {
>       type = "XMPP";
>       nick = "mihkel";
>       };
>     };

 According to the FAQ file the nick in the chatnets should contain the
complete jabber-ID and I don't see any mentioning of an jid option in
the servers section. Can you give that a try?

 Thanks. :)

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