On Tuesday 07 April 2009 04:28:42 Patrick Schoenfeld wrote:
> Hi,
> Daniel Leidert wrote:
> > Normally people add the get-orig-source in debian/rules, because the
> > original tarball needs to be repackaged. In such cases, trying to get
> > the upstream tarball from the location in debian/watch is probably
> > not, what the maintainer wants, because then he gets the original
> > tarball, that doesn't contain the necessary change.
> >
> > What is your opinion? Are there limitations that need to be kept in mind
> > when trying to provide a patch?
> I agree that this is an interesting feature which is worth beeing
> added. The only question is weither we should do this by default or not.
> Lets say we've added a heuristic that tries to detect weither a makefile
> has a get-orig-source target (e.g. by issueing something like make -n
> debian/rules get-orig-source and looking at the exit code). So far so
> good. Technically no big problem.
> I just fear that not everybody uses the get-orig-source target in the
> same way. For example I know that some people have the perception
> that get-orig-source should download a specific version, while others
> make it download the newest source. In the first case this would break
> the usual uscan behaviour, because uscan wouldn't download the version
> it reports but another one that is hardcoded in the rules file.
> So possibly this should be made a command line paramater, or a
> configuration option, or both.
> What do you think?
> Andres Meija wrote:
> > # Run a script (such as debian/rules) to download the orig tarball
> > use-download-script=debian/rules \
> > use-download-script-options="get-orig-source"
> I'm unsure weither this makes sense or not.
> On the one side I have the fear that uscan doesn't work properly
> if maintainers use get-orig-source different. But on the other side
> I think its better to let the one who invocates uscan decide weither he
> wants to take the risk to get the wrong source.
> Additional I don't see much benefit in making it configurable. We have
> debian/rules and the get-orig-source target defined in our policy
> so we should stick with it.

Seems the get-orig-source target is not as well defined as a lot of people are 
unsure what it should do exactly (see bug #466550).

My suggestion was to support something like,

use-check-script=debian/<some_script> args ...
use-download-script=debian/<some_script> args ...

Supporting this for get-orig-source targets can be like,

use-download-script=debian/rules get-orig-source

I think one issue raised was that the DEHS servers could possibly not have the 
proper dependencies to run the many scripts that could be written (whether they 
were implemented in a get-orig-source target or in some other script). If that 
is the case, I suggest we implement a way to get these lines ignored, perhaps 
when the --dehs option is set.


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