On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 10:01:10AM +0100, Colin Watson wrote:
> The Ubuntu ARM team wrote a system called jasper whose job is to help
> with booting preinstalled ext2/ext3 ARM images:
> Description: Configure a preinstalled ext2/3 system image
>  Jasper is a tool to configure preinstalled ext2/3 images that were
>  created using the ubuntu infrastructure from the initramfs.
>  Such as armel omap3/4 images in Ubuntu 10.10 and beyond.
>  .
>  It grows the system partition of a preinstalled ext2/3 image to the
>  full size of the SD card, configures fstab, loopback networking, adds
>  the UUID to the kernel cmdline and properly sets up flash-kernel for
>  the kernel package post installation scripts.
> It's supported by livecd-rootfs, so I needed to add support for it to
> live-build as well.  From live-build's point of view, I think it
> basically counts as a new initramfs system, with the wrinkles that there
> shouldn't be a boot=jasper parameter (it extends the default boot=local
> instead) and I don't think it needs to do the user creation bits.
> Patch attached.  What do you think?

Oliver suggested that it would be better to use '--initramfs none
--packages jasper', or similar.  This still needs parts of this patch,
though, as there are too many places that only ever expect LB_INITRAMFS
to be casper or live-boot, e.g. the output directory calculation in

Let me know how you'd prefer to proceed here, and I can send an updated

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