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On 14.04.2016 12:25, Florian Ernst wrote:


please consider the following (abridged) transcript of trying to run
proftpd-basic from inetd, but ending up having it running

Im played a little bit on that bug, w/o success. Initially there was the following code in the ...config file:


set -e

# Source debconf library.
. /usr/share/debconf/confmodule


db_title ProFTPD configuration
db_input high shared/proftpd/inetd_or_standalone || true

and here is the relevant part of the template file:

Template: shared/proftpd/inetd_or_standalone
Type: select
__Choices: from inetd, standalone
Default: standalone

However I'm failing to understand, what is wrong on that code as it is nearly a copy of the template examples delivered w/ debconf. Of course the fix for debbug#707689 was wrong:

+db_set shared/proftpd/inetd_or_standalone standalone
 db_input high shared/proftpd/inetd_or_standalone || true
+db_go || true

At first I suspected the <Space> in the possible values "from inetd" could be a problem, I replaced it by "_" w/o solving the problem.

Could anybody have a look at the problem and give an advise? Tagging it "help" for now.

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