Hi Bas, Michael

I've been unable to figure out what causes double_hh_trafo and
single_hh_trafo_complex to be exported on all architectures when built
with GCC 5, and only on amd64 when built with GCC 6.

I did find that these symbols are defined in
src/elpa2_kernels/elpa2_kernels_asm_x86_64.s, which includes the text:

# This file contains the compute intensive kernels for the Householder
# coded in x86_64 assembler and using SSE2/SSE3 instructions.

This made me wonder whether these symbols should be exported on
non-amd64 architectures in the first place.

I marked these symbols as amd64-only in libelpa4.symbols, re-built
ELPA, and then built the reverse dependencies cp2k and espresso
without failure.
It seems these symbols were not used by cp2k or espresso, at least not
by non-amd64 architectures, anyway.

Michael, if this seems sane to you, shall I go ahead and upload ELPA
with this change?


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