Package: gpick
Version: 0.2.5-2
Severity: serious
Justification: Policy 2.2.1

Hello and thanks for maintaining this little tool in Debian!

I noticed that the license for file share/gpick/colors.txt fails
to meet the DFSG, as it includes at least one non-free restriction.
Clause 5 states:

|  5. These RGB colour formulations may not be used to the detriment of
|  Resene Paints Ltd.

This is a non-free restriction on use, which does not comply with
DFSG#6 (No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor).

This file is therefore unfit for the main Debian archive.

Possible solutions I can think of:

 A) get in touch with the colors.txt copyright holders (Resene Paints
    Ltd.) and persuade them to drop the troublesome clause or, even
    better, to re-license the file under well-known and widely used
    DFSG-free terms (such as, for instance, the 3-clause BSD license
    adopted by the rest of gpick)

 B) find a DFSG-free replacement for share/gpick/colors.txt and use it
    in stead of the non-free one

 C) drop share/gpick/colors.txt from the package, if possible

 D) move the gpick package to the non-free archive (I hope this will
    *not* happen!)

I hope solution A may be persued soon.
Solution B (or C) may be chosen as a temporary quick fix, while trying
to achieve solution A.

Thanks for your time!

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