Hi Dominic,

On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 04:10:37PM +0100, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> > Do you have any ETA for this update being in unstable?
> I assume that there is no more work for mysql-5.6 planned by the
> MySQL team, given the silence on this bug and that you are about to
> upload mysql-5.7 (cf #837615).

That's right - I intend to fix the bug by uploading mysql-5.7 to

> As I need to have a MySQL 5.6 backport supported for the foreseeable
> future, I intend to NMU a new upstream release in the next few weeks.
> Does anyone have any objections to this?

I'm happy for you to do this - please join the team! Perhaps you could
maintain a backport branch in VCS with us?

I did see
scroll past, and didn't feel in a position to be able to help, because
I've not looked at the backport at all. I believe there's a bug reported
against the backports package too, though I'm not sure how to locate
that easily right now.

So I suppose I only have one request, which is that if you want to
continue to maintain the backport, that you please also watch and manage
the ML and BTS for issues against those backported packages. Does that
sound OK to you?


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