On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 11:36:58AM +0300, Andriy Ivashchenko wrote:

Hi Andriy,

> Thanks for your warry about old and important bug!
> The same errors i got when try to backport pjproject to jessie.
> I think it is very important to make pjproject backport, because
> no posibility to build Asterisk 13 packages in jessie now.

I don't think this will help you, since the current symbols are made for
GCC-5. The bug is about adjusting the symbol list for GCC-6 in Stretch.

Jessie has GCC-4.9. The GCC-4.9 -> GCC-5 transition had an ABI
transition that was a lot more work (including renaming the binary
packages), so you would have to revert that for a jessie backport. See
for example.


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