2016-10-13 6:58 GMT-03:00 Santiago Vila <sanv...@unex.es>:
> On Wed, 12 Oct 2016, Joao Eriberto Mota Filho wrote:
>> Source: unicon
>> Severity: serious
>> Tags: upstream
>> Justification: Policy 2.2.1
>> There is a restriction for commercial use.
> Probably not the intent (as this is an old license), but certainly
> it's the letter.
> BTW: There is a similar wording in the Perl license: "You may not
> charge a fee for this Package itself."
> This is an orphaned package (maintained by "Debian QA"). In case you
> use this package yourself, would you like to forward this bug upstream
> (just to see if author would be willing to change the license), or
> should we just move this to non-free?
> I'm Cc:ing Balint, who made the last QA upload (maybe he uses the
> package himself, I don't).

I don't use this package. The file in focus was taken by upstream from
other source code.

The source unicon provides unicon-imc2. It is a dependency for zhcon.
It is a recomend for task-chinese-s, task-korean and task-chinese-t.
These are recommeds for live-task-localisation.

The popcon for unicon-imc2 and for zhcon are 1481 and 1484.

I suggest to see if unicon builds without the file. I did a primitive
test and yes, builds. However is needed a better test.



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