On 2016-10-15 19:57, Andreas Tille wrote:
> because libpoclu-dev is not available on most architectures.  Since
> libhmsbeagle has build on all those architectures either the set of
> Build-Depends has changed (may be together with khronos-opencl-clhpp?)
> or there was a point in time when pocl has build on more architectures
> than currently.

The outdated libhmsbeagle binary packages are from 2.1.2+20150609-1.1,
predating the use of libpoclu-dev (since 2.1.2+20151220-1).
So libhmsbeagle never built successfully with libpoclu-dev on more
architectures than currently (i.e. only on amd64).

While theoretically pocl could be available on all architectures (that
support CPUs), that doesn't work right now and I don't know if anyone is
working on fixing this.

> So if the fact remains that pocl does not build anywhere else than on
> intel I need to restrict the set of architectures for libhmsbeagle as
> well.

Or just restrict the use of OpenCL to the architectures that have pocl?


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