Robert Luberda <> writes:

> According to GNU gettext documentation[1]: "The variable LANGUAGE is
> ignored if the locale is set to ā€˜Cā€™."

That exception was added on 2001-01-03, for glibc 2.2.1.
In glibc 2.2, LANGUAGE used to override LC_ALL=C.

In Python 2.0 (released on 2000-10-16), 2.7, and 3.5.0,
checks LANGUAGE first, like glibc 2.2.  The loop that checks the
environment variables is exactly the same in these three versions.

I searched for "gettext" at but it didn't find a
bug report for the priority of LANGUAGE vs. LC_ALL=C in gettext. says 'LANGUAGE is honoured
even if the default locale is "C"' but I think that refers to
locale.getdefaultencoding, not to gettext.

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