first of all thanks for your past work on Ceph.

The current status of the Ceph packages [1] does not look good.

src:ceph has 3 RC bugs, from "maintainer address bounces"
to "crashes since the latest NMU".

If you still intend to maintain Ceph, do the emails from the BTS 
actually reach you? If not, a list at Alioth might be a better option.

It would also be OK if you would state that there is noone left active
among the Ceph Maintainers, and that I can orphan the package for
finding new maintainers.

Regarding ceph-dkms, this is only in experimental and has an RC bug
that it doesn't work with the jessie kernel.
Is there anything left that is not in the upstream kernel?


[1] https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=ceph-maintain...@lists.ceph.com


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