On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 8:34 PM, Adrian Bunk <b...@stusta.de> wrote:
> The current status of the Ceph packages [1] does not look good.
> src:ceph has 3 RC bugs, from "maintainer address bounces"
> to "crashes since the latest NMU".
 I think (hope) that even if the sender get back a mail that the list
is moderated, someone may check the queue and allow mails to the
mailing list after moderation (killing spam).

> If you still intend to maintain Ceph, do the emails from the BTS
> actually reach you? If not, a list at Alioth might be a better option.
 OK, I don't remember any Ceph bugreport - but I no longer closely
monitor the packaging.

> It would also be OK if you would state that there is noone left active
> among the Ceph Maintainers, and that I can orphan the package for
> finding new maintainers.
 I've hardware issues for long and can't use it - even worse, my
computer died some days ago as the motherboard has a short circuit on
it somewhere. I'm on the way to get an other, used computer which may
be used for Ceph as well. Still, I don't want to promise I can shake
up the packaging - even if it seems I'll need a stable distributed
filesystem in the future.

I'd a discussion with Dmitry and if I understood correctly, he no
longer wants to be a close contributor - but I let him speak about his


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