Dear Emmanuel,

Sorry for my previous outbursts. I was wrong.

Your fix (chmod-ing just Catalina, not localhost) is fine: if you do not
chmod localhost, then there is no issue even if localhost is replaced by
a symlink pointing somewhere.

However... will tomcat still "work"? On my machine, I have one XML file
in there, for the one application(?) that is installed. I guess it was
tomcat that put it there: then tomcat needs write access to localhost.

Maybe /etc/tomcat8/Catalina/localhost is to be "delivered" writable from
the DEB package, the ownership only to be fixed in postinst? In the
current DEB, that directory is not group-writable.

Could you kindly explain how this all works.

Thanks, Paul

Paul Szabo
School of Mathematics and Statistics   University of Sydney    Australia

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