Hi Jonas,

Vincent Lefevre:
> In short, this module is highly broken and no longer maintained.
> It should probably be removed from Debian.

I see that you did the initial upload for all the reverse
dependencies, so I guess you have some interest in keeping
this set of packages in good shape.

The last upstream release was in 2013, this bug was reported upstream
in 2014 and the upstream author did not comment yet, so like Vincent
I feel it seems rather hopeless.

At this point I'm inclined to simply let the auto-removal process do
its job and remove this package + all rdeps from testing in a month.
Then we can come back to it in a year or two and if the situation
hasn't changed, remove the package from sid too. Now, if we have no
indication that the situation will ever change, we can as well skip
the first step and remove all these packages from testing/sid right
now. That's where I need your input as I have no idea about upstream
plans myself.

What do you think?


   $ dak rm -Rn libhtml-html5-parser-perl
   Will remove the following packages from unstable:
   libhtml-html5-parser-perl |    0.301-1 | source, all
   Maintainer: Debian Perl Group <pkg-perl-maintain...@lists.alioth.debian.org>
   ------------------- Reason -------------------
   Checking reverse dependencies...
   # Broken Depends:
   libatteanx-endpoint-perl: libatteanx-endpoint-perl
   libhtml-html5-microdata-parser-perl: libhtml-html5-microdata-parser-perl
   libhtml-html5-outline-perl: libhtml-html5-outline-perl
   libhtml-microformats-perl: libhtml-microformats-perl
   libhttp-lrdd-perl: libhttp-lrdd-perl
   librdf-endpoint-perl: librdf-endpoint-perl
   librdf-rdfa-parser-perl: librdf-rdfa-parser-perl
   # Broken Build-Depends:
   libatteanx-endpoint-perl: libhtml-html5-parser-perl
   libhtml-html5-microdata-parser-perl: libhtml-html5-parser-perl
   libhtml-html5-outline-perl: libhtml-html5-parser-perl
   libhtml-microformats-perl: libhtml-html5-parser-perl (>= 0.200)
   libhttp-lrdd-perl: libhtml-html5-parser-perl
   librdf-endpoint-perl: libhtml-html5-parser-perl
   librdf-rdfa-parser-perl: libhtml-html5-parser-perl


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