Tobias Hansen:
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> Hi,
> good work on finding the fpylll issue! Now the main holdup for sage 8.0
> is still cypari2 being stuck in NEW. I wrote on June 21 to
> and August 2 directly to the ftpmaster who helped
> us get sagemath through NEW in time for stretch. Let's see if it helps.
> I'm also not totally sure if the sagemath packages can be built at the
> moment. When I build in a schroot with sage deps installed with
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=5 fakeroot debian/rules binary
> after the build is almost completed, including running the tests, it
> later tries again to run the test suite and fails (I attached the end of
> the console output). I wanted to try if this also happens with sbuild
> once the fpylll problem is fixed.
> However I will be on vacation the next three weeks.
> The accidental upload of cysignals 1.6.5 to unstable is now a RC bug
> (#870688). Not sure if we should fix it by downgrading cysignals,
> patching sage 7.6 or just let the bug sit until we upload sage 8.0. At
> least the "Breaks: sagemath (<< 8.0~)" does indeed prevent cysignals
> from migrating to testing, which is good.
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Hi, I'm at DebConf over the next week and will very likely be able to find some 
time to deal with this.


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