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> Is there something wrong with libgsl23 2.4+dfsg-4? nco which depends on 
> libgsl23 and {inkscape, qgis} which depend on libgsl2 are not 
> coinstallable. Should libgsl23 have libgsl2 in its "Replaces:"? I do not 
> understand, but I suspect that something is wrong.

IMHO "Replaces" is not a good solution short-term:

libgsl2 provides API version 19
libgsl23 provides API version 23

Software depending on libgsl2 might not be ready for API version 23.

The problem is that libgsl23 depends on libgslcblas0 but the
latter rightfully conflicts with libgsl2 because both packages ship

This makes libgsl2 and libgsl23 not co-installable, which makes
the package name change a little less useful.

A possible solution could be to release a last libgsl2 version (maybe
2.4 +dfsg-2.1 ?) which does not ship libgslcblas.so.0 but instead
depends on the libgslcblas0 package, also restricting the conflict in
libgslcblas0 to libgsl2 versions *preceding* that version.

Long-term there could be a transition to libgsl23 for all the packages
which depend on libgsl2, but I don't know how that is triggered.

Just my 2c.

Ciao ciao,

Antonio Ospite

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