On 9 August 2017 at 19:43, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
| On 2017-08-09 19:09, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
| > I can't find a *gsl*prof* package in the archive, so this indeed seems
| > to be a new one. And should be totally unrelated to the splitting of the
| > library package.
| That's an interesting one. Above analysis was without looking at the
| source. It's in the source package, but did not get built so far,
| except for your last upload. Let me see what happens in my local build ... 
| In the i386 build log from the buildd I see:
|     dpkg-genchanges: warning: package libgsl-prof in control file but not in 
files list
| BTW, you should use source-only uploads nowadays (unless you have
| something that needs to go through NEW).
| Looking at the source now:
| $ grep -r libgsl-prof debian/
| debian/rules:profpack := libgsl-prof
| debian/control:Package: libgsl-prof
| $ grep -r profpack debian/
| debian/rules:#profpack := libgsl$(sonum)-prof
| debian/rules:profpack := libgsl-prof
| debian/rules:debprof := $(CURDIR)/debian/$(profpack)
| debian/rules:export DH_OPTIONS =-N$(libpack) -N$(libcblas) -N$(devpack) 
-N$(binpack) -N$(dbgpack) -p$(profpack)
| debian/rules:export DH_OPTIONS =-N$(profpack)
| debian/rules:   $(MAKE) -f debian/rules DH_OPTIONS="-i -N$(profpack)" 
| debian/rules:   $(MAKE) -f debian/rules DH_OPTIONS="-a -N$(profpack)" 

Yes, I 'parked' the control entry to old/ and commented out the lines in

If memory serves, this was once suggested as a patch, and is triggered by
DH_BUILDOPT. Which my pbuilder setup does not set so ...
| and without even doing '$PAGER debian/rules' I'd recommend:
| * switch to dh
| gsl is probably a long grown packaging ... according to the
| changelog the package origin predates my first potato system
| in 1999 :-)


You are talking to an old and long-time maintainer here.  I could do with a
hackthon to bring some of my packaging standard up to this decade :)
| So something changed on your build machine and libgsl-prof
| got built this time.
| ... local rebuild of -5 finished:
| dpkg-genchanges: warning: package libgsl-prof in control file but not in 
files list

It should be fine next round.  For which I will get back to you to finalize
Replaces / Breaks / Conflicts / ...

Thanks for looking over my shoulder :)


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